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Rehoming your pet with us

We understand that rehoming your pet can be a daunting thing to think about especially if you have been together for many years. 

Lots of people often have to rehome their pets due to losing their job, health reasons, moving abroad or financial difficulties. 

Some people don't know where to start and posting on sites such as Gumtree can be dangerous as there are people looking for pets to sell on or use in dog fighting rings. 

At Help2Rehome Scotland, we find animals new homes through our re-homing register and doing appeals.

Our register is filled with people who are looking to adopt a new pet. 

We also do appeals through our social media pages. 

When someone shows an interest in an animal we have for re-homing, we make arrangements to go and home check the potential new owner. 

If their home is suitable, we go ahead and re-home the animal they have applied for.

Because our home checks are so vigorous, it is very unlikely that animals are returned to us.

If for any reason an animal is returned, they either go back to their previous owners or we can place them with a foster carer until a suitable home is found.

We DO NOT use kennels or catteries for any animals we are seeking new homes for. 

We believe that all animals deserve a place in a nice warm, safe home until they find their forever home, that's why we have a team of foster carers who look after animals in their homes until a forever home is found. 

Once an animal is settled in their forever home, we often get updates and photos from new owners that we can pass onto previous owners. 

If you need help or further advice to re-home your pet, please give us a call on 0300 999 6335. We're here Monday - Friday 10am until 5pm and 10am until 2pm on Saturday's. 

Outwith this time, you can leave a message on our voicemail service and we'll return your call as soon as we can.

You can also register your pet online below.

Register Online

You can also register your pet for re-homing by filling out the form below, please remember to send us a photo of your pet by emailing it to [email protected] and that you have paid any re-homing fee - for more information please call 0300 999 6335. 

(Re-homing fees for dogs is £75 and £65 for cats. If you are on benefits, these fees are reduced to £35 for dogs and £25 for cats) - fee's can be paid by calling 0300 999 6335.

We cannot do any work until the re-homing fee is paid as this covers costs listed below - Once you have done all this a volunteer will call you within 24 hours. Fee's cover the cost of admin, volunteers petrol/diesel for picking up pets, micro-chip detail changes and also help us to keep our website an animal helpline running.

We also check on pets from time to time once they have been re-homed and can provide you with an update.

Thank you for registering your pet for rehoming. Please make sure you have paid the rehoming fee either through the donate button on this website, or call us on 0300 999 6335. We will get back to you within 24 hours.
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